Down on the Farm

This summer my younger sister married her high school sweetheart, and then moved onto the family farm. This Christmas I had a chance to visit her in her new home, and meet her unusual pets. It was quite an adventure for a city girl!

What I Wore: Well, I started off in my own attire, but as you’ll see, farm life required an outfit change.

  • IMG_2031

I played on the tractors! They tell me this is an International, not the infamous John Deere. It matches my hair though, so I think it will do!


Who needs a playground and monkey bars when you have silos? Or grain bins? Not sure what they’re called, but I definitely got my exercise in on the farm!


I found the John Deere. An optimal place for doing yoga…Need to work on that dancer pose.

My first time meeting Cow Michelle. 

I traded in my high heeled boots for these muck boots to take a turn feeding the cows. It’s only natural that when you buy a ginger cow and have a ginger girlfriend, that you name the cow after your girlfriend. So meet Cow Michelle. Apparently Red Heifers are even more rare than ginger humans! And they hold biblical significance. Who knew? But more than 2 strands of hair that aren’t red and they lose their title.